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Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Your Own Backyard

Yesterday I spent two hours with my 14 year old daughter on the equestrian trail by the house. She brought her camera and I brought my knitting. Just to get out , just to spend time together we walked at an explorer's pace. Bria and I were surprised to find lions and tigers and bears...OK seriously the reptiles and animals we saw made for great photos. My baby is quit a little photographer and takes beautiful pictures. As we walked along I chuckled on the inside thinking to myself that the two of us were behaving like professionals. As if  we were on safari for the National Geographic. When the view was substantial, interesting, or pretty she would take a picture. If the view was worthy of photo we would try to be still and quiet our footsteps so not to disturb the wild life. Bria would switch between her two cameras one in her hand the other in her bag draped sideways across her body. Without sound or instruction she'd pass me the small lens changing to the larger as if I were her assistant. First it was lizards of all different colors and sizes. But as we advanced further along the trail we found squirrels, rabbits, birds, butterflies, quails, humming birds and ravens all in our own back yard. The rabbits and butterflies were too quick and  escaped the shutter but she was able to capture the rest.To share part of the day i have included just a few



Oh yes... I did mention above that I was knitting along the way. I cast on for the Honey Cowl on 6/8/11. The yarn I am using is from the Magnolia Society yarn club. The first yarn I  received was three hanks of Madelinetosh 80/10/10 Worsted. That's 80% wool/10% cashmere/and 10% nylon in the Worn Denim colorway. It was so super soft and squishy I wanted to use it right away. If you noticed on the knitting progress bar that I finished the chevron scarf you'll know I was ready for my next project.
Until next time :)

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