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Saturday, May 21, 2011

There's no place like home

Sometimes there is just no place like home. I should have know that when my nine year old daughter tossed her cookies Thursday night that sickness was not to far behind. I am the queen of catching someone else's cold and putting my own spin on it.
I was at the Color Connections Creative Tour at the Mission Inn in Riverside and it hit me. I don't know what brought it on but it came at the worst time a lovely stuffy nose, nashua, asthma invasion. My husband came to get me and I kept thinking there is no place like home. I am feeling better today still a little off some coughing but inhaler. Even though I missed out on some crafting girl goodness I was thankful that I lived close by.
On the upside...If you haven't heard of Color Connections Creative Tour it's
 an event hosted by Prima Marketing , Tattered Angels, and Pink Paislee and let me say SQUEAL!! The product at this event was unbelievable and the setting of the Mission Inn was breathtaking. If this event is coming your way I would recommend it. Oh and don't cry for me Argentina ... I was able to pick up the class kits for the classes missed on day two. While I was there all the instructors were were very informative and I learned some new techniques :)
One of the good things about not feeling well ( if you had to pick one) is KNITTING. You don't have to leave the bed or a comfy position to do it . So while I wasn't feeling well I finished knitting my monster for my monster swap and started on a chevron scarf to sell in my store:) I will post pictures of my progress when there is enough rows to show.
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  1. We were so sorry that you were sick and missed the second day Leslie! It was so fun meeting you!
    Denise and I had a blast making all the rest of the projects at the Color Connection Tour. Have you had a chance to get any of them made at home? Feeling better?? Hugs Stacy H-W

  2. For some reason your "followers" is not coming up. I will try to follow you next time I visit.